3D Modeling and Printing - Intermediate

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In this course, students engage in hands-on projects that build upon the introductdory 3D modeling techniques course, and expand modeling techniques to include assemblies and motions. 

From the outset, students will go through the engineering design process to learn creative and analytical skills, while developing skills in 3D modeling, design, assembly, and fabrication. 

Course Information:

What Students Learn

  • Advanced 3D modeling techniques, including assemblies, motion constraints, fasteners, and dimension and tolerancing. 


What Students Create:

  • 3D Models using Fusion360
  • A final project design from the ground up that gets printed and assembled
  • A model for someone else

About 3D Design Courses

Our curriculum is focused on developing critical and analytical thinking skills, as well as applying creative problem solving using real-world examples and tools. The introduction and application of 3D design gives students the opportunity to learn and apply the engineering design process, learn about prototyping, and the concept of iteration. 

Our camps are designed for middle school age students (Grades 6-9) to explore and experience the opportunity integrated STEM education and the potential of engineeirng and technology careers.