Coding - Physical Computing (August)

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Students will build upon prior knowledge to program with hardware and use physical computing to solve problems, and create unique projects. 

Students will retain their Raspberry Pi 4 and included hardware at the completion of camp.

Course Information:

What Students Learn

  • How to use electronic components and programming hardware
  • How to select appropriate sensors and motors for challenges
  • How to use custom functions and variables

What Students Create:

  • Circuits and creations that demonstrate creativity and use of components and programming
  • Write programs to accomplish tasks and challenges

About Coding Courses

Our Coding courses teach kids the basics of electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering, as they apply the engineering design process to design, build, and test their creations against varying challenges. 

Our camps are designed for middle school age students (Grades 6-9) to explore and experience the opportunity integrated STEM education and the potential of engineeirng and technology careers.